Seller: Wendi
State: Oklahoma
City: Oklahoma City
Zip code: 73119
Type: Animals

"Nana" - is a black and white female dog that is looking for a great, loving home. My guess is she is about 2 years old, 60-75 lbs and part Border Collie. She is great with my two year old who likes to try and ride her like a horse. She is a great barker/watch dog outside and is quite as can be inside. She has a loving and yet playful personality that fits with any household. Her beautiful light brown eyes melts your heart. She found us about a year ago in very poor health. We looked for original owners while bringing her back to health, but no luck and we can not keep her any longer. She deserves a loving home, so if your older and need company or young and need your first pet, NANA is your dog :)